Gold Rush Pokie

Gold Rush is a retro-style pokie having a local progressive jackpot. games based on a 3-reel scheme are not common these days and progressive three-reelers are even rarer. netent designed this pokie to fill in the gap for the gamers who love classic machines and prefer games with life-changing awards. on the game screen you will observe a realistic slot machine standing at a land-based casino amid other slot cabinets. the game includes a massive lever on the right side with a decoration purpose only, and also you operate the pokie and adjust certain settings by utilizing three buttons on the leading button panel underneath the reels.



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the pokie has just one central payline, along which the symbols should land to award a win according to the Paytable. the combinations that qualify for a win are displayed on a single screen whilst the reels, helping to make the gaming easier as a single-screen design negates the need for pausing or leaving the overall game to check on up the Paytable.

betting options have become easy because the pokie has only one coin denomination, $0. 2. by pushing bet, you can select the quantity of coins per line. when clicking the button, a related column towards the top move along the columns, and you will begin to see the bet level you are playing at. having said that, there are only three Bet sizes: $0. 2, $0. 4 and $0. 6 per round. clicking bet max, the pokie begins spinning the reels automatically at the best bet.

Symbols and payouts

the table above the reels shows possible combinations and their payouts, and you will reach see that the lowest-paying combo is when one wheelbarrow full of gold appears on the payline. in this instance you get 2 coins. note that each payout is always bigger than a bet. in many pokies, low-win symbols award less than a complete bet, for example , betting 20 coins you earn just 10 coins for 3 ace symbols – some experts call this a “loss disguised as a win”. anyway, in Gold Rush, a net outcome is always higher than a bet spent on a specific spin. other symbols include 5 bars, 7 bars, cherries and the jackpot triggering “gold”. all of these symbols, except for the latter, award the maximum of 200 coins, or $120.

GOLD symbol and progressive jackpot

gold may be the highest-paying symbol in the pokie. putting 1 coin into play, you’ll grab $480 for three of those symbols aligned exactly on the payline. placing a 2-coin bet, you will win two times as much, $960 coins. in the event that you place 3 coins and hit that combination on the payline, you will scoop a progressive jackpot at the worthiness shown at the top of the overall game screen. the gold symbol also pays out 1000 coins when it's visible on the screen below or under the payline, not exactly over the payline.

there were 11 wins of the Gold Rush progressive recorded so far, with the smallest win amount being around €9000 and the highest win being almost €280, 000. it will take gamers on average 41 weeks to hit the jackpot. to recap, playing at the best bet level, $0. 60 per spin, is a qualifying requirement of landing the jackpot.


gold rush is a progressive pokie with 3 reels and 1 payline. it is a really easy game with only three bet sizes ($0. 2, $0. 4 and $0. 6) and the most regular reward of $960. it is the most preferred game for players who like Progressive jackpots and an old-school game design.