Go Bananas Pokie

jungles hold many secrets yet to be discovered. that is a kingdom of monkeys who make a yummy ice cream, play drums and carve idols. the monkeys are generous creatures who serve their guests using what is open to them: bunches of bananas and, naturally, big red gems. if you show reverence to them, they are going to endow you with all sorts of goodies such as for instance a $7000 jackpot. the pokie features five different Wild symbols, each acting according for their individual model, hence providing plenty of excitement and fun.


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Go Bananas is a pokie with 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 fixed paylines. the reels are set on a wooden stage where monkeys give performances, tire swing and dance. most of the symbols connect with a jungle theme: low-win symbols are very different fruits including plums (x30), limes (x40), a coconut with three holes drilled like on a bowling ball (x50), pineapples (x60) and oranges (x70). high-ranking symbols are a real leaf dish with a dessert (x140), drums (x180), a jungle book with funny decorations on the cover page (x250), a gold idol with gemmed eyes (x350) and a big ruby held by a monkey (x700). a combination wins if three or maybe more matching symbols stop on a bet line from the leftmost reel rightwards.

Bet sizes and top payouts

the pokie has two adjustable options. they have been a coin denomination varying between $0. 01 and $1, and the number of coins wagered on a bet line (which is 1 to 10). to adapt a bet size to your preference, you can change those values using the selectors and place a bet starting at $0. 30 and reaching $200 per spin. the greatest cash rewards that you could earn while playing this wonderful pokie are $7000 for five rubies, $3500 for five idols and $2500 for five jungle books.

Five wild patterns

it will be strange if monkeys are not within the pokie. they play the key roles here because all are feature symbols that will raise your profits throughout the normal gameplay. appearing on the reels, all the five monkeys turns itself some neighboring symbols into banana wilds relative to individual patterns explained below:

  1. Gorilla symbol turns itself and four symbols at its corners in to wild. The resulting wild pattern seems like a dotted #5 on a dice face
  2. Orangutan turns four symbols into wild in a square pattern
  3. Baboon turns three symbols into wild in a vertical direction
  4. Langur turns three symbols into wild in a horizontal direction
  5. Tarsier turns two symbols into wild in either vertical or horizontal direction.

the pokie decides at random in what guidelines the symbols are transformed but the main thing is that the complete wild pattern is seen on the reel area. if two monkeys appear on the reels, they are able to generate two wild patterns that will sometimes overlap and produce numerous winning combinations simultaneously.


go bananas! is focused on Wild symbols that induce five different patterns and provide a variety of winning ways. the first highest jackpot in the pokie is $7000, that will be x35 times the most total bet. the pokie has no free spins but their absence isn't essential because of a multitude of Wild symbols.